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Who Is Sandy Butler?


Sandy Butler hails from Upstate New York, near the Rochester area. She is a healer and works with Reconnective Healing Energy,™ as developed and taught by Eric Pearl. In 1982 Sandy took some vacation time from her work as a law editor and spent a week at a Spiritualist community in Lilydale, N.Y., where she first encountered healing. Not a believer prior to that experience, she became one when she felt a hand pressed firmly against her back and opened her eyes to see the lone healer standing in front of her! The healing session, held at Lilydale’s Healing Temple, was so powerful that several minutes passed after the healing was over before Sandy was able to move and thus vacate the chair for the next person. Soon after, Sandy became a part of Dan Chesbro’s meditation group, which held a healing circle following the meditations. This was her first attempt at channeling healing energy herself. Not long after she began doing the healing work, Sandy worked on a woman who, like her own experience in Lilydale, was unable to move from the chair for several minutes. It was at that moment that Sandy realized that she was able to channel the healing energy well enough to help people.


What Is Reconnective Healing Energy?™


Sandy began working with Reconnective Healing Energy™ in March of 2002 when she first took Eric Pearl’s classes in New York City. She also does The Reconnection, ™ which reconnects the body’s Personal Energy Grid to the Earth’s Energy Grid, which in turn is connected to the Universal Energy Grid. The Reconnection™ opens one's energy centers to enable better communication of info-energy on all levels … physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental. For a more detailed and technical explanation and the benefits derived from the process, please visit Eric Pearl’s web site. The link provided is for the "FAQ" page, which goes into greater detail.


Where Can I Find Sandy?


Sandy moved to Prescott, Arizona in February of 2008 to open a healing practice. When asked how she thinks healing energy works, Sandy replies as follows: “I believe that it’s just a matter of energy vibration level. For instance, the body is energy slowed down into physical form; whereas the spirit/soul is energy sped up into non-physical form. Disease, stress, depression, etc., are indications of energy that has slowed down to a lower vibration than is normal for it. When the high frequency/vibration of the healing energy hits the problem, the low-vibration energy is raised back into the high vibration it was previously at … hence a healing.” Sandy is also able to do her healing long distance through the computer via a photograph of the recipient. This type of energy is strong enough to be carried through the computer.


What Else Does Sandy Do?


Crystal energy chakra clearing, using gem stones that work with the colors of the chakras.

House clearing, using sage smoke to clear out the old low-vibration energy and then channeling high-vibration healing energy into each room, leaving the house feeling fresh and light for its occupants.

Healing energy on pets, plants, trees, etc.


What Does The Healing Energy Coming Through Sandy’s Hands Look Like?


While attending her most recent healing classes with Eric Pearl, in Tucson, AZ on 8/16/08, photographs were taken of Sandy’s hands with a special laser thermal scan device during testing done at the University of Arizona. Sandy was connected through leads to a computer. As the scan was done, the images simultaneously appeared on the computer screen. Three separate scans were taken, the first one before doing healing energy, the second one while doing healing energy, and the third one after doing healing energy. The results are quite remarkable! Researchers at the university believe that the color red, which indicates blood flow, shows where the healing energy is coming through. The colors seen in the photographs show that the healing energy is always there for Sandy. The thermal measurements are shown by the display of different colors. There is usually little or no red seen on the initial scan of a healer's palm before channeling the healing energy. Once the healer begins channeling the healing energy, the red will appear in the second scan.  Yet even prior to channeling the energy, the red is clearly seen on Sandy’s palm in the first scan. You can see the increase in the red areas on Sandy’s hand in the second scan while she is channeling healing energy. In the third scan a large amount of residual healing energy is still present. Please click on the hands photograph below, or on the link provided at the bottom of the page for an enlarged view of the photographic images.


Sandy’s Educational Background


Sandy received her BA degree in English from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Oswego. After her initial introduction to the healing arts in Lilydale, NY, Sandy has taken several advanced courses in the healing arts. She has completed “Healing Levels I, II, and III” under the instruction of Eric Pearl in both New York City and in Tucson, AZ. Sandy was ordained into the Priesthood according to the Order of Melchizedek in 2002.




$35 (1/2 hour session)

$60 (one hour session)


Contact Information   


email image Sandy may be reached by e-mail at:


How Has Sandy’s Healing Energy Helped Others?


To read the testimonials as they are posted, please click here: Testimonials There is also a link provided at the bottom of the page.



† If you would like to learn more about "The Reconnection,"™ Eric Pearl has written a book about his own personal Reconnection™ and his experiences with both that and the Reconnective Energy.™


"The Reconnection"

By: Dr. Eric Pearl †


† Available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Czech, Danish, Hebrew, Japanese, Norwegian, Romanian, Dutch, Turkish, Greek, Indonesian, Swedish, Serbian, Korean, Finnish, and Hungarian.


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