Nirvana Quartz



By: Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian of "Heaven and Earth"


    These strange and wonderful specimens are unlike any quartz we have seen before. They were found only recently, at altitudes of over 18,000 feet, where glaciers receding due to global warming melted to expose these stones. They must have lain under the ice for untold thousands of years.  The crystals themselves resemble the jagged ice sheets and crevices which have so long hidden them. They are irregularly formed and convoluted, with deep recesses and strange contours. No two pieces are alike, though it is clear that they are all of the one “species.” Though they do not exhibit the regular six-sided body and pointed terminations of most types of quartz, they sometimes show natural facets and partially smooth bodies. Most are roughly wand-shaped, though many are rather thick and stubby. An astonishing percentage of them are Trigonic, exhibiting inscribed, downward pointing triangles etched into their surfaces. Oddly, they come in two colors…clear white or pink. The pink coloring of approximately half of the specimens seems to derive from inclusions on or near their surfaces. It is an understatement to say that these stones are unique in their appearance, and their spiritual properties are as unusual as their looks.


    Robert Simmons writes: “Nirvana Quartz crystals resonate at the intersection of past and future time. They have apparently existed in quiet isolation beneath glacial ice for many thousands of years, almost as if waiting for this moment to appear in the human world. Though they carry the current of the deep, silent past, their mission is to attune us to the not-yet-formed potential of what can be. The spiritual beings which express as these complex, almost unearthly crystals, are available to aid us in the evolutionary transmutation which is our highest destiny. The word Nirvana connotes enlightenment, which both reveals and obscures what these crystals offer. They can be conduits for currents of profound inner illumination, yet this awakening, unlike Nirvana as it has been, is not an ascension out of the world. It is the incarnation of enlightenment here and now, in the body and on the Earth.


    “Meditation with these stones is first an immersion in deep peace and interior silence. The inner dialog of thoughts is stilled with much greater ease than is usual. It is as if a gentle hand moves inside the skull, and the small, talkative self of ego goes quiet in awe of the touch of such a being.  For the gentleness of Nirvana Quartz is paired with a current of strength that even those who are normally not crystal-sensitive can feel. If one allows the unfolding to continue, visions often come…waking dreams that picture what one most needs to see in order to consciously choose the path of ones highest destiny. Since it is also possible to refuse the call of destiny, such visions can be a difficult blessing, yet they have the potential to inspire one to move beyond the merely magical, into the flow of the miraculous.


    “Another way of describing the effects of Nirvana Quartz, or another aspect of them, concerns the integral linking of the brain/mind with the heart. The clear/white Nirvana Quartz crystals tend to stimulate and awaken the third eye and crown chakras, while the pink crystals are felt deeply in the heart. Yet the currents of both types of Nirvana Quartz can flow through the entire passage between the head and heart.


    In fact, one of the most significant applications of these stones is to use two stones together to stimulate both areas in synchronous unison, initiating a beneficial feedback loop in which the mind sends love and appreciation to the heart, which responds with up-wellings of joy, which inspires more powerful waves of appreciation, intensified resonances of joy, and so on. The awakening of ones deep natural brain-heart circuitry of positive feedback and wellbeing is why the stones have earned the name Nirvana Quartz. This circuitry has always existed within us, as has the potential for illumination and joy, yet the habit of the human past has been to sacrifice joy for the sake of fear, and the illusion of protection from fear. The currents of Nirvana Quartz can gently, firmly cut through these patterns. The transcendent peace they embody, from their past centuries under ice and their future potential as allies for our evolution, reverberates throughout ones physical, soul, and spirit bodies, dislodging old, self-limiting and self-destructive patterns. At first, such re-patterning can feel a bit uncomfortable, even irritating. Yet if one stays with the process, one can sense the benevolence of the shift, and the movement into a calmness that is beyond the reach of outer (and even much inner) circumstance.


    Ideally, working with Nirvana Quartz in the way described above entails the use of one pink and one white crystal. One can begin by holding the pink stone at the heart and the white one at the third eye or crown…the natural “home” of each. Then, as one feels the currents flowing, one can follow inner sensing to reverse the positions of the crystals, and/or to use both at the head, heart, or other areas. One is advised to follow the tiny urgings one feels, especially those arising from the heart, in these processes.


    Perhaps the most revolutionary application of Nirvana Quartz involves setting up the blueprint of post-human destiny. To be post-human means to be beyond the historic human limitations of fear, doubt, and violence…living and creating each moment through utter, ongoing, trusting engagement with the not-yet, the fertile unknown which is the future. The beings expressing through these stones can be viewed as the angels of our potential, or as our future selves calling us into what we can be. To enact such a patternless pattern is to be fully willing to live in paradox, to create and release in each moment, and to sing the joy of existence back to the Supreme Divine. This singing salutation of joy must reverberate from our minds, our hearts, souls, and spirits, all the way through to our cells, down to the core of every atom of our being, with not one grain held back. And it must pour forth from us as a gesture into the unknown future, giving ourselves forward in constant sacrifice (making sacred), in pre-manifest gratitude for we know not what. If humans have ever done this, it has been long forgotten. Yet it is the lure of our becoming.


    One suggestion for attuning in this future time current and its potential with Nirvana Quartz is to sit with a pair of these crystals, centering attention in the heart, while inwardly intoning the Sanskrit mantra “Om Namo Bhagavate,” perhaps alternating with an English version of its meaning, such as “I salute the Supreme Divine,” or “I sing my joy to the Infinite One.” Hold one crystal at the head and one over the heart, imagining and feeling-into the self-reinforcing circuit of appreciation/joy described above. One may feel the flow from the crystals and their aid of their attendant beings in the process. Once it begins, keep it going!


    The pink Nirvana Quartz crystals are associated primarily with the feminine stream, and the white with the masculine. Yet these terms are limited and should not be allowed to limit the possibilities of what can emerge, through working with these stones. Similarly, though the white crystals resonate easily with the sixth and seventh chakras, while the pink ones flow with the heart, one can encourage and allow these to flow through all levels of oneself, as they do in their most full-blown expression.


**This article was featured in the Spring/Summer 2007 “Heaven & Earth” Catalog  Issue 36


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*The photos at the top of the page show 3 different shades of these crystals: Clear/White, Light Pink, & Dark Pink.





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