Crystal Formations, Markings, and The Master Crystals



Abundance Crystals can be recognized as one large crystal with individual smaller crystals attached to its sides. The smaller crystals resonate an energy reminding us that universal abundance is all around us and only limited by our own beliefs about what abundance means. These crystals are good choices for personal work regarding self-limiting beliefs about abundance in ones life. Their frequency fosters a reminder that there is no limit to what you deserve and are allowed to have. As the smaller crystals are attracted to the wisdom and enlightenment of the larger crystal, we attract more abundance with the precision and clarity of our thoughts. They may also be referred to as Barnacle Crystals.


Activator Crystals ~ Right & Left (see Time Link Crystals)


Angel's Breath Quartz Crystals have cloud-like, starry-like, or mist-like wisps in them caused by the oxidation of Titanium that was present in the crystal's environment as it was still forming and growing in the ground. They work with dimensional presence, grounding higher consciousness expressed as creativity into the outer world. It is excellent as a gazing stone for people who need extra energy to be created in their environments. They work with the cellular structure of the brain to strengthen and bring forward conscious harmonious patterns of thought. Under high magnification one may find some tiny water droplets, which are tiny Enhydros. Some may even be seen moving within their tiny enhydro chambers, but most of them are immobile. I refer to these microscopic enhydros as Dew Drops. Other bubble-like structures seen in this type of formation are tiny air bubbles. This formation may also be referred to as Fairy Frost.


Aperture Crystals are configured such that the crystal is cup-shaped, with a hollow crater being large enough to contain liquid. When filled with water, these crystals can be used for scrying, to access information from the past, present, or future.This formation is said to help one to establish ineffable logic to ones skills and to promote the increase of ones designs with inventive ingenuity and skill.


Barnacle Crystals (see Abundance Crystals)


Bridge ~ Penetrator Crystals can be recognized by the appearance of one crystal which has another crystal growing across or "bridging" one or more of its planes. The smaller crystal is considered the "bridge". This crystal facilitates the bridging of different levels of energy. For example, it can assist us in connecting or "bridging" the self and the higher self, the self and other people, or the self and other dimensions. This powerful configuration greatly enhances the communication and understanding of higher frequencies of spirituality, advanced metaphysical studies, and higher dimensional ideas. This is an excellent tool for those working with these types of studies or wherever there is a need to "bridge" one form of energy to a higher form of that energy.


Buddha Formations are most commonly found in Quartz and Danburite crystals. When the faces of the crystal, at the main termination, are lined up in a certain way one can see a formation that resembles that of a sitting Buddha. Channeling, Transmitter, and Dow crystals can exhibit this feature. The best way to try and locate a Buddha is to hold the crystal termination in front of you at eye level. Look directly into the 7-sided front face, while centering the 3-sided back face in the middle. If you have a Buddha crystal, the outlines of the faces will reveal what appears to be the shape of a sitting Buddha. They can be found in both naturally terminated crystals and crystals polished or faceted into those shapes or configurations. They are said to be excellent crystals for meditation and enlightenment. These crystals are said to assist one in following their paths, while acting as guides in the physical, mental, and spiritual realms. They are also said to help transfer ancient wisdom into the present consciousness. They are also said to be aids for astral and spiritual traveling.


Candle ~ Pineapple Quartz crystals have one large prominent termination and multiple parallel terminations working their way up around all of the crystal's sides. They are similar in appearance to candle drippings going down the sides of a candle. These crystals are said to be very calming stones. They are said to be able to eliminate tedium and oppression from ones environment. They are said to assist one in the realization of damage done, consciously or unconsciously, to the physical body. This allows one to find solutions to these damages and to put them into action. They are said to be stones of introspection and insight, which can help one learn more about their inner truth and paths in life. It is also said to help increase ones confidence, sensitivity, and state of calmness. They are said to be excellent tools for scrying.


Carved Crystals (Natural) (see Record Keeper Crystals)


Cathedral Lightbrairy Crystals can be recognized by the appearance of one main terminated point with other smaller castling terminations growing out from the main point. It is one crystal, growing and terminating as many crystals. This configuration has the appearance of a crystal cathedral or crystal castle. The Cathedral Lightbrairies can contain the sacred 'akashic' knowledge written in the language of light, and they remind us of the crystalline cities and temples of Lemuria and Atlantis. They are also known as Atlantean Temples, due to their stepped, layered or castling growth.  They are called the "Ancient Ones."  They are said to have passed through all the great civilizations including Atlantis and Lemuria.  Those who guardian these crystals in their keeping are said to have worked with them for their magical and healing properties in previous lifetimes. They act as energy conduits through which the universal masters can relay specific information that is pertinent to humanity at this time in our evolution. The double spiraling that occurs during the crystal's growth makes this powerful tool extremely sensitive to receiving universal frequencies and human thought forms simultaneously, refining the essence of universal knowledge and converting it into messages that the human mind is capable of comprehending.


Channeler Crystals represent the numerology of the (7-3) combination. A Channeler can be recognized by a large seven sided front face with a perfect triangle on the opposing face. Seven is the number symbolizing the intuition of the Higher Mind and attainment of the Mystical Truths, while the three symbolizes the ability to express things creatively and joyously. The use of a Channeling Crystal enhances conscious connection with ones accumulated knowledge and wisdom, and facilitates the integration of Body, Mind and Spirit. They can also be used to access wisdom of experience and enlightenment, which is available on other energy levels and dimensions. These crystals are excellent tools for meditation and conscious work with higher energies of light.


Convoluted Sheet Quartz Crystals can be recognized by the existence of holes in a milky winding and twisted quartz configuration. The structure occurred during the flow of the quartz over the other minerals present, which over time dissolved due to changes in the conditions of the environment. Some fragments of the dissolved minerals may still be present. This formation is said to cleanse the chakras and to transmute negativity into positivity. It is also said to gently remove ethereal cords. It is said to stimulate the movement of the kundalini and to transform blockages in the energy field, allowing the kundalini to continue to move due to the awareness of ones centering. It can also instill movement in ones life, to allow for the activity required for progression, while providing protection for ones movements. It is also said to increase the vividness and recall of dreams, past life recall, and enhance astral travel.


Cross Crystals are formations in the shape of a cruciform. Occasionally they may be found in the shape of a Celtic cross. These formations are said to be tools for light workers, by assisting in the removal of unwanted other-worldly implants. They represent the idea of multiplicity, while stabilizing the center of the self, promoting a further uninterrupted connection with the ethereal perfection. They are said to be world teachers for all of humanity by facilitating macrocosmic awareness and appreciation of the creative forces of nature. They are said to be excellent formations for those studying spirituality and the arts and sciences. They are said to be of use in activating and clearing all of the chakras by providing amplification of the available energy.


Crystal Clusters are a formation of individual single point configured crystals that share a common base. They represent the ideal evolved community, with each individual member being a separate, perfect, and unique crystal sharing a common ground. They represent harmonious living, reflecting light back and forth to one another so they all bathe in the radiant energy of the whole. These communities of light enhance healing vibrations in the environment and are excellent for helping to cleanse and balance the atmosphere wherever they are placed. They are also useful for charging smaller crystals.


Curved Quartz Crystals have a curvature that was produced in the crystal's early stages of growth and is a very rare occurrence. When a curved crystal is in ones energy field, its structure provides for a continuous energetic alignment of the meridians of the nervous system with the alignment of the physical, emotional, mental, etheric, and astral bodies. These rare crystals emanate a gentle, yet powerful energy and they allow one access to the interior of the physical body in order to detect existing areas of unbalance. They are also an excellent choice for aura cleansing. Their inherent energy is one of flexibility and this makes them a perfect stone for use in the treatment of spinal misalignment and in the correction of curvature deformations.


Devic Temple Crystals are crystals that if properly used can provide a gateway through which Angels, Devas and other beings of light can enter the physical plane. Inside the world of the crystal are rainbow inclusions of trapped air, water, and gas that are called veils, foils and fairy frost. The crystal's external formation can also remind us of a temple with stairways and doorways. These crystal forms attract the higher dimensional beings of light who remind us of our own "extrasensory" powers of consciousness and our natural ability to connect with them. When the Devas are invited into our life through these crystals a magical presence prevails. The harmonic vibration of these quartz temple sites allows the veils between the worlds to be lifted and spiritual energies infiltrated into the surrounding environment.


Dolphin ~ Teacher Crystals are larger crystals having a smaller crystal attached to its side as if it is riding along. These crystals symbolize the protective and loving energy radiated towards those who are vulnerable and defenseless. This crystal may also be known as a Mother Crystal.


Double Terminated Crystals are crystals that come to a natural termination at both ends. These wonderful crystals develop in relationship to their crystal communities as self-contained individuals growing outside of the confines of the community matrix and they exude a frequency of personal unity. These specialized stones have the capacity to draw in, as well as emanate out energy from either end. They facilitate the balance and integration of energies in the center and channel the flow of energy out in both directions. The DT's boost all forms of communication, especially enhancing psychic energies as they symbolize the integration and balance of the dual expression of spirit and matter. These are excellent tools for refining telepathic abilities. They can also be used to assist in providing protection from mental and physical harm, enabling one to maintain ones energy shield.


Dow Crystals  are recognized by a configuration of three 7 sided faces, adjacent on each side to a perfect triangle. This powerful configuration combines the Channeling Crystal's energy which enhances conscious connection with ones accumulated knowledge and wisdom, with the Transmitter Crystal's energy, which facilitates clarifying, simplifying and refining ones ability to communicate on all levels, enhancing and integrating telepathic and intuitive abilities. This combination forms a high frequency "connective force", providing intuitive awareness in all situations. This configuration is an excellent choice for all spiritual and mystical pursuits. They are also known as Trans-Channeling Crystals.


Drusy Crystals are a group of many tiny crystals clustered together, sometimes as coatings on top of other minerals. They are said to bring higher levels of energy by stimulating the exactness of the energy of the mineral of which it is composed. There is always more power in numbers/multiples.


Earth Keeper Crystals are huge crystals of many feet in length that are just recently being discovered deep in the Earth. In my personal opinion, since they are called "Earth Keepers," they should stay in the Earth and continue to serve their purpose there. Excavating around them to expose them to the public seems to be the better thing to do than removing them for personal and financial gain. That way they can continue to guard the Earth, while being observed and learned from by those who are meant to have contact with them. They are extremely powerful crystals.


Elestial Crystals are described as having natural and/or overgrowth of crystals over the body and/or face of an etched or layered crystal. Elestial Crystals can help break up emotional and Chakra blockages and assist one with breaking old karmic emotional bonds. They aid in accessing past life information that is still affecting you.  It is also valuable for astral traveling across time and space. They are also said to enhance clairvoyance and clairaudience, and to help one with communication skills. The translation for Elestial is "Crystal of the Angels," and thus they have a strong link with the Angelic realm.


Elestial Lightkeeper Crystals exhibit a complex ingrown skeletal structure. They are said to facilitate visionary experiences and connections with the higher realms. They are said to enhance Third Eye Chakra stimulation, which strengthens visual perceptions of the invisible worlds of Spirit. They help provide the most powerful means for energy patterns, information, and love to be translated and transferred from higher realm entities to the human beings here on Earth. They may act as keys and help one to attune to the librairies of spiritual knowledge, the akashic records, and the eternal wisdom of the Universe. The more complex the inner structures in the crystal are, such as openings, portals, or gateways, the more interdimensional access can be obtained. They are said to be helpful during meditation for increased interdimensional travel and journeying. They are also said to be helpful in recovering lost parts of ones soul during this and other lifetimes, which can lead to powerful healings. They may assist in recall of past lives. They are very highly attuned to the angelic domain. They are said to help alleviate sorrow and depression. They allow our consciousness to travel freely through time and space, including the past and the future by providing links that connect the multi-dimensions. They are said to be extremely high vibrational crystals, which are said to constantly emanate vibrations to keep us connected to the inner worlds of Spirit. Their benevolent programming helps to provide us with information and experience that is attuned to the highest good.


Empathic Crystals are recognized by damaged and/or missing portions of their terminations (points). They have either endured a major earth shift or have been badly handled and mistreated in their travels.  They are often considered unattractive by many individuals not aware of what they stand for. These crystals are excellent choices for increasing our level of compassion for others without losing ourselves in the process, and they are also powerful in helping one to open the heart chakra. Most of the Empathic Crystals develop beautiful rainbows within, reminding us that it is who we are on the inside that matters. The inner beauty of these special crystals reminds us that it is possible to regenerate our own rainbows, even if we have been badly treated, neglected or abused. They are said to pass on their strengths and “survival skills” to us. They may also be referred to as Warrior Crystals.


Etched Quartz Crystals can be recognized by the occurrence of etchings and abrasions on the crystal's surfaces that resemble ancient hieroglyphics. These crystals are believed to have been used by the ancient crystalline civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria.  The 'hieroglyphics' and other markings contain specific information and techniques utilized by those civilizations. If you obtain an Etched Crystal, the etchings are believed to be information that is relevant to your present circumstances. Quiet meditation with these Stones can reveal universal healing methodology or information that will be beneficial to ones personal development.


Extraterrestrial Crystals have one single termination on one end, and more than one on the other. It is believed that the Extraterrestrial Crystal will facilitate communication with other worldly beings, celestial beings, and guardian angels.


Faden Quartz Crystals contain one or more string-like white lines inside them, which are composed of air and/or tiny water bubbles. Their name is derived from the German word for "string." They are said to be useful on all chakras. They may be used for astral travel and to help us understand the lessons to be learned in the incarnation. They emanate strong and powerful positive energies. They are said to promote mental and physical stability. They are said to be helpful in seeking out information important to ones personal growth. They are said to assist in producing and maintaining the ethereal connection which one has with another on any plane or dimension. Faden crystals will often "sing."


Gateway Crystals are recognized by the existence of a portal going from the face or side of the crystal to the interior of the crystal. They can be used to gain access to other worlds and other lives. They have been used to assist one in gaining admittance to akashic records and have assisted in the attunement of the state of ascension required in order to view both past and future lives. These crystals can also provide for stability of the chakras and the aura, initiating cleansing and purification as needed.


Generator Crystals are recognized by six natural faces that join sharply at the terminated apex. These powerful crystals can receive, store, amplify, and transmit energy on all levels. Their geometric form focuses and distributes cosmic force energy into ones life. They also magnify and intensify white-light energy for stimulation of the physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and subtle bodies. Generators are extraordinary meditation tools for focusing concentration and energy, then amplifying and sending it into the etheric planes. These powerful healing tools are excellent for self-healing or as an addition to a healer's set.


Glyphs are carved shapes or other unusual markings or raised areas that are seen on crystals. They can be found on any area of the crystal. Many believe that these markings were placed on the crystals by ancient civilizations, like the Lemurians or Atlanteans. They are said to be encrypted messages for us to decipher.


Grounding Crystals are recognized as having a main face with eight sides. These crystals help maintain a pragmatic approach to life, especially relevant for those trying to develop higher energies. They ground ones energy so that it is still possible to act effectively on this plane without losing touch with reality. They are useful for healers and practitioners of all energy treatments.


Growth Interference Quartz Crystals may also be referred to as "shamanic crystals." They come from very frigid and glacial areas. Sheets of Calcite inter-grew with the Quartz, and was subsequently dissolved out during the final stages of the growth process. Their former presence can be seen in the characteristic jagged lines and incisions. Some energies of the Calcite may remain within the crystal. The combination of these two energies are said to be powerful to those who are sensitive to crystal energies. They are said to be capable of helping us to grow and adapt on all levels, and are said to balance the energy fields. They are said to enhance psychic abilities and astral travel. The majority of these recently found crystals have been in Far Eastern Russia and the Himalayan Mountains of India.


Horn Of Plenty Crystals can be recognized by the formation of a flower-like structure growing around and emcompassing a quartz crystal. The "flower petals" tend to curve downward, resembling actual flower petals. During meditation it is said to produce stellar contact with the highest order of angels. Information which is extremely relevant and of great importance to the user will be imparted. It helps to align, clear, and center the chakras. It assists one in seeing and understanding the stages of ones life and acts to provide insight to changes required to promote peace and happiness within ones life. It is also said to assit one in communication with the spiritual forces of the Earth and can help one to understand that which is required in order that the Earth may heal itself. It is said to stimulate the manifestation of "plentitude" in ones life.


Inner Child Crystals are one or more fully formed crystals partially embedded in another larger crystal. The smaller crystal(s) represent the child within and this configuration resonates a frequency that is excellent for work with any unresolved childhood traumas or buried memories connected to being a human child. These loving stones remind us to keep in touch with the "child-like" parts of our nature, and that play is an essential part of our overall growth. These crystals are also an excellent choice for parent-child relationships, enhancing the vibration of unconditional love and acceptance.


Isis Crystals have at least one 5-sided face. The number 5 symbolizes the Center, love, health and the harmonious union of energies within each human soul. It is in the balancing of the male and female sides of each person that healing can occur and the Isis crystal resonates with this energy from our higher self. The Isis Crystal is a powerful healing tool that transmits the knowledge of how to combine and integrate seemingly opposite forces into a new and unified wholeness. When opposing aspects that appear contradictory join together in complimentary unison, the world will reflect back to us that unified reality. Within the Isis is contained the secrets to mastery enabling each individual to overcome the depths of human emotional suffering by transmitting the essence of understanding and comfort into all of life's lessons.


Jacare Quartz Crystals are a form of Elestial Quartz. It is said to have been used to bring one the qualities of fluency, persuasiveness, and effectiveness in ones aspirations. It furthers ones assertiveness while eliminating aggression. It is said to be helpful in community work and in organizational structure. It is said to assist one in remembering the giving qualities of the Divine. It acts to connect one with the source of all being by promoting the acceptance that "everything is, indeed, okay." It is said to be excellent for extracting energy blockages and in yielding ease in alignment of the energy centers.


Japan Law Twin Crystals may resemble a penetration twin crystal, however, there is no penetration or overlapping of one crystal into or onto the other. The two individual crystals meet at a point of 90° angles to each other. The sutures, or horizontal etchings, can be seen meeting at that same angle. Some of these configurations may appear to be heart-shaped. The majority of these twins are tabular in formation. These crystals are said to stimulate the synthesis of the perfection of the subtle bodies to the state of the physical body, bringing an awareness of the disparity and correcting the differences such that perfection is initiated. They are said to clear and align ones aura. They are said to be of help in stabilizing the emotions, dispelling anger, refreshing ones energy, and encouraging one to understand the reality of excellence. They are said to enhance the management of resources within ones body. Also see Twin Quartz Crystals (All).


Key Crystals can be recognized by at least one 3 or 6 sided indentations located on the crystal. These indentations are the result of the termination of another smaller crystal or crystals growing into the larger crystal and then releasing itself from the main crystal, leaving an impression of their terminated point. The Key Crystal is an excellent tool for problem solving on all levels. Whether it is used to "unlock" doors to healing concepts or used for access to "unlock" illusive areas of personal growth, this configuration can enhance ones ability to discover hidden areas of Higher-Self knowledge.


Laser Wand Crystals are recognized as long slender crystals with small faces comprising the termination. They carry within them the healing knowledge of the ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria. The long straight crystal configuration allows energy to move at a tremendously rapid rate through the body of the crystal. Because the energy is directed and focused through the tiny termination, it is beamed out like a laser ray. These powerful tools are wonderful for healing work because of their precision, and they are also wonderful for cutting the emotional cords of jealousy, insecurity, anger, sorrow, or guilt.


Lemurian Seed Crystals can assist us in reaching high meditative states and when in laser formation are extremely powerful hands on healing tools. They are primarily feminine in their nature and assist us in accessing the divine compassionate love of oneness. They are protective, sweet, wise and have a powerful beauty. They are waiting for us all to open our hearts to them, and other beings like them, to become a part of the magnificent grid of light they exist in.


Manifestation Crystals are one of the rarest configurations available today. This special crystal can be recognized by the presence of a fully formed crystal or crystals growing completely enclosed within a larger crystal. These powerful tools are for consciously creating and manifesting any new forms in ones life. The Manifestation Crystal reminds us that there is a fully formed seed of creativity and spirit inside of us just waiting to be recognized and manifested into reality. Meditation with this incredible tool enhances all forms of creativity and manifestation, especially when used during creative visualization exercises, intentional healing, and affirmation work. Clarity of intention is the key to working with the Manifestation crystal. They are appearing at this time to assist us in enhancing our inherent manifestation abilities.


Merkaba is a carved and polished star tetrahedron shaped crystal which consists of two interpenetrating three-sided pyramids that form a three-dimensional Star of David. It links the mind, heart, and body to produce the Merkaba effect, an energy field. In Hebrew, the term means "chariot." In the eighteenth dynasty of ancient Egypt, it meant MER (rotating fields of light), KA (spirit), and BA (soul). The Merkaba activates the protective love of the Universe and awakens, heals, and transforms on the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional levels. It is a powerful symbol in what is known as sacred geometry. Some believe that the "Merkaba Vehicle of Light" is an interdimensional energy vehicle capable of transporting ones consciousness to unlimited realms of higher awareness.


Phantom Crystals are usually recognized by the faint outline of a small inner crystal with the same basic structure and shape as the clear larger outer crystal. Phantoms are formed when a crystal has completed one stage of growth, and then an infusion of new or different nutrients enters the crystal pocket and dusts the outside of the growing crystal.  This creates the Phantom outline. At a latter time the crystal grows larger and with more clarity over the outline of its past self. The Phantom Crystal is symbolic of the evolving soul and its growth toward the light. These tools are excellent for past-life work. Phantom Crystals also stimulate creativity and growth beyond our present self-limiting expectations. Polished and unpolished specimens are excellent energy sources for initiation of healing. The Phantom crystal should be used with respect, humility, and patience.


Polished Quartz Crystals enhance the beauty of the crystal. They assist in instilling the magnificence of the perfect undisturbed state of the original form. Polished specimens are also excellent energy sources for initiation of healing. 


Quantum Crystals can be recognized as three or more crystals of nearly equal size and length naturally joined together. If the crystals are also double terminated their power is exponentially increased. These crystals have the power to influence energy on the subatomic level and are excellent tools for intentional manifesting. When using the Quantum it is very important that one is clear and precise because these powerful crystals magnify both conscious and subconscious thoughts and intentions twenty-fold! These are wonderful for use with affirmation programs and all psychic endeavors.


Rainbow Crystals can be recognized by the reflection of rainbow light inside of the crystal. The clouds and inclusions within the crystal are caused by water vapor, gases, or internal fractures that occurred during the crystal's evolution. These beautiful Stones produce the full spectrum of color as the white light of healing and perfection is taken into the crystal and reflected out as the individual rays of the rainbow. The Rainbows within the crystal create additional energy, as they remind us of the incredible transformation of the light. They are excellent for dealing with negativity and self doubt, as the rainbows remind us that love is within the life one experiences at every moment. The Rainbows promote hope, happiness, optimism, peace, creativity and respect.


Receiver Crystals can be recognized by having one broad upward sloping front face. These crystals are an excellent choice for drawing out, moving, and receiving energy. The receptive face of this wonderful stone enhances ones ability to receive and accept new concepts and ideas without hesitation or judgment. When used in combination with a Generator Crystal, they enhance and charge energy for circulation throughout the body. The receiver is also an excellent choice for dream work of all kinds as they can receive and store the dream information for access during meditation at a later time.


Record Keeper Crystals are recognized by the presence of tiny perfect triangles etched on one or more of the crystal's faces. These etchings are the considered to be the result of conscious programming by the ancient races that first inhabited the Earth and are believed to contain the secrets and wisdom of the Universe. The information available from the Record Keepers is here at this time because humanity is ready to inherit the secrets of cosmic knowledge and consciousness. They will be attracted to the exact right person at the exact right time to incorporate higher knowledge, wisdom, peace and love onto our planet at this critical time in our evolution. The information provided by the Record Keeper enhances ones light, providing for a resonance with ones personal wisdom and promoting a greater peace to be used as we raise the vibration of our world. Some Record Keepers may appear pear-shapes or have slightly rounded corners. It is said that a crystal without any Record Keepers may suddenly appear to have some if they are either kept in close contact with crystals having them, or if they have been received by their rightful owner. They may also be referred to as Carved Crystals.


Reverse Scepter Crystals are narrower at the point than at the shaft and are excellent tools for inward reflection and co-creating the highest spiritual good. Some believe that they additionally hold the same energies as Scepter Crystals.


Scanner Crystals configurations can be recognized by the occurrence of one or more wide flat sides. Unlike Tabbies, there is often only one wide flat side while the rest of the sides are in the more usual configuration. These are excellent tools for energy workers as they enhance the healer's ability to locate sluggish and blocked energy. The Scanners can be used to scan and interpret energy on many levels, storing the information in the crystal for later access. They are also wonderful for smoothing and balancing the auric fields after any form of healing work.


Scepter Quartz Crystals can be recognized by the occurrence of a naturally formed and terminated crystal growing over an older base crystal. This configuration has a resemblance to the scepters used by royalty around the world, thus the name Scepter Crystal. This powerful tool directly links the crown chakra to the higher 8th, 9th, and 10th spiritual chakras, facilitating a smooth flow of energy from the spiritual to the physical realm. These high frequency crystals are the symbol of spiritual sovereignty and remind us that we are the sons and daughters of spiritual royalty.


Self-Healed Crystals are crystals that were naturally severed from their original matrix or cluster during a major earth movement. Their energy has survived a major natural disaster and they managed to make the best of the situation by healing and transforming themselves with hundreds of separate, light catching terminations at every angle. While still inside the earth, the crystal grows multiple terminations where it was severed. These wonderful stones remind us that no matter how difficult our circumstances, we have the ability to heal our wounds and strengthen ourselves in the process. These special crystals are excellent tools for self-healing and for working with addictions.  They work similarly as the Empathic and Warrior crystals in passing on their strengths to us.


Shard Crystals are flat, broad slices of quartz which originally formed in layered, plate-like masses rather than the usual hexagonal crystal shape. Often the Shards were sheared off from the original matrix and continued their growth in the unusual shape. This configuration is an exceptional tool for chakra clearing and balancing work, as they calm and soothe while energizing. Their flat wide shape lends itself perfectly to laying on the body.


Sheet Quartz Crystals occur in the formation of flat and, relatively clear layers. It is said that it can be used to access information from other dimensions, the astral plane, and the akashic records. One may scry with Sheet Quartz to help recognize disorder in their being, helping to rearrange and reorganize dis-ease. It is said to stimulate the heart and third eye chakras. It is also said that it can stimulate visionary experiences.


Shovel Crystals have a shovel-like formation on their terminations. They are said to assist us in finding all kinds of solutions. They can help us find the information that may assist us in our progress towards resolution. They are said to provide encouragement for us to gather knowledge throughout the travels of life. They help us to remember everlasting impressions of desirable experiences, while hindering recall of lasting impressions of undesirable experiences. However, they will not allow us to forget the lessons we have learned from the undesirable experiences.


Singing Quartz Crystals are easily identified and have a very distinct quality. They come in a variety of shapes, but are usually long and slender in appearance, or are in a Laser Quartz formation. When touched against each other, or other quartz crystals, "singing crystals" emit a clear resounding ringing sound, as you would hear with fine crystal glasses, stemware, and bowls. When lightly flicked with a fingernail, you will also hear them "sing." Some Obsidian varieites, particularly Mahogany Obsidian, will also "sing." These crystals are said to express the spectrum of sound, and they are compatible with the spectrum of light. Some compare their sound to the powerful "om" vibration. This vibration awakens the creative forces. They are said to open and release energy blockages and to align the energies of the body. They are said to help enhance psychic abilities. They are said to bring joy into our lives and help us to be our true unique selves. They are said to enhance communication on all levels and between all dimensions. Many feel that there is a stronger connection and communication between Earthly and other-worldly beings when using these crystals. They are also said to carry a strong healing vibration which helps to promote ideal rearrangement of the cellular structures. They are often used in gridding processes to help produce a powerful force field. Faden Quartz crystals often "sing."


Skeletal ~ Hopper Crystals may also be referred to as Fenster or Jacare crystals. They exhibit unique internal and external growth features resulting from unstable conditions during crystallization. A large majority of these crystals cooled down too quickly to be able to completely fill in. The skeletal growth features occur most often in the macrocrystalline quartz varieties of Clear Quartz and Smoky Quartz. They occur more rarely in Citrine and Amethyst crystals. Skeletal crystals often form with a geometric pattern of lines, depressions, holes, and raised terminations etched into their surfaces. Clearly visible cavities, commonly in geometric patterns, can be seen internally. These cavities may contain clay minerals of various colors, along with other solids. These cavities may also contain gas bubbles and water, more commonly known as fluid inclusions or enhydros. The internal cavities, or chambers, often have a layered appearance. The layered cavities are sometimes so pronounced that the crystal appears almost hollow, or "skeleton-like." This is why the name "skeletal" quartz was given to these crystals. Occasionally these cavities or chambers contain solid, liquid, and gas inclusions. There may also be any combination of the three forms of matter within the same cavity or chamber. These inclusions in quartz are usually quite small and not visible to the unaided eye. Strong magnification and good lighting is highly recommended when observing these crystals. Many of these inclusions show actual movement within their chambers. Again, strong magnification is usually needed to see these movements. The details of these crystals, inside and outside, can be very intricate and complex. Skeletal Crystals are said to have the same metaphysical properties as Elestial Crystals, which are listed above.


Soul Mate Twin Crystals can be recognized as two individual crystals of almost equal length and size growing side by side. This configuration symbolizes and enhances the harmony and compatibility between energies. While a Soul-Mate is generally defined as another being lovingly connected to you at the soul level who will facilitate and promote your spiritual growth, a soul mate can also represent the connection to all of the soul aspects of the self. Whether you use a Soul Mate as a tool to focus on connecting with another individual or as a tool for connection with the higher aspects of the self, this crystal will assist you in dealing with aspects of relationships in any form. Also see Twin Quartz Crystals (All).


Spade Crystals have one or more faces that resemble a spade from a deck of playing cards. They are said to bring insight into the heart of different situations. This insight allows one to see and determine the benefit or detriment of continuing to participate in the particular situation. They are also said to help us to connect with the inner strength necessary to continue or discontinue participation in the particular situation. It is said to be a protective stone for travel, especially by air. It may also inspire us to have the persistence to maintain correctness.


Spiral Quartz Crystals can be recognized by a twisted configuration through the body of the formation. It is said that they have been used to bring the universal spiral of energy to the physical body and to assist one in maintaining connection with the physical plane during meditation. They help activate the movement of the kundalini, furthering the progression through the energy centers of the body. This tends to remove energy blockages to promote continual movement of energy through the body and to the higher-self to help maintain perpetual contact. All chakras are said to be activated into a spontaneous flowing movement, which helps to provide for a balance of the male and female energies.


Spirit Guardian Twin Crystals are crystals comprised of two double terminated crystals of near equal size and length, growing side-by-side. The Double Terminated crystal is a crystal that comes to a natural termination at both ends. They facilitate the balance and integration of energies in the center and channel the flow of energy out in both directions. When two Double Terminated crystals grow together, the energies of connection are multiplied exponentially.  When a Spirit Guardian is used in meditation it can help establish a connection with your spiritual guides, angels, and teachers on other levels of existence. They are powerful tools that help us remember that we have unlimited assistance from our spiritual helpers available to us at any time. The energy amplification of the Spirit Guardian crystal will refine and enhance the subtle messages and information constantly available from our other dimensional spiritual counsels, and is an excellent tool for psychic development, intuition, and spiritual access. Also see Twin Quartz Crystals (All).


Star Crystals are also known as crystals exhibiting asterism. They have naturally occurring 4 or 6 ray stars which appear when held in or under direct light. Their energy is said to bring forth the light of the universe. It is said that universal light integrates with the light of the inner self. This encourages one to speak, act, and perform the will of the Divine.


Tabular or "Tabby" Crystals have a different shape and energy frequency than any other quartz configuration. They are flattened crystals with two of the opposing six sides being larger and wider than the other four sides. The Tabby Crystal serves as a bridge or connecting link between two points. Their power lies in their ability to transmit from one side to the other while maintaining perfect balance. The Tabby is a communication master, helping you to translate feelings into mental awareness and conscious verbal expression. They are excellent tools for aligning the intellect with the intuition.


Tantric Twins are tools to unlock the secrets of "right relationships" and loving union on all levels. Their energy represents the duality of the personal relationship we have with ourselves and that which we share with others. They share a common base and yet have two distinct terminations representing a perfect relationship with separate individual identities. These twin crystals amplify and resonate a frequency of balance between the outer manifestation of the Self and the inner Self. This powerful configuration can be used on a personal level towards achieving union with your higher self as its essence is one of union. It is also an excellent tool for enhancing compatibility between individuals on any level or type of relationship. Also see Twin Quartz Crystals (All).


Time Link Crystals are crystals that have a parallelogram as one of its faces, which is attached to a terminal face. Time Links are like crystalline time conductors that the soul can travel upon in order to consciously connect with aspects of the self existing in other times, places, and dimensions. If the parallelogram is pointing to the right as you face the crystal, the spiral is moving clockwise into the future (Future Time Link). If it is pointing to the left as you face the crystal, the energy is moving counter clockwise into the past (Past Time Link). The Time Links are excellent tools for use in soul retrieval work, past life work or childhood trauma work as they resonate a frequency that operates outside of our human linear views of time. They may also be referred to as Right or Left Activator Crystals.


Trans-Channeling Crystals (see Dow Crystals)


Transformation Crystals can be found in any quartz configuration. It is usually not recognized as a Transformation crystal until the beginning of the transformation itself. The transformation may be either a change in shape, quality, and/or color. This is a crystal for progressive change. It is said to be able to assist one in forward movement in all aspects of life. They are also said to aid one in replacing negative attitudes with positive direction. When the transformation takes place in the crystal, a change in color tends to stimulate activity and healing related to the new color. A change in shape often indicates the creation of a self-healing crystal. A change in quality may signify the addition or elimination of negativity.


Transmitter Crystals manifest the seven-to-three (7-3-7) ratio with a perfect triangle in the center of the crystal, and two symmetrical seven sided faces on either side. The seven represents the Higher Self and the three brings the energy of the Higher Self through the individual consciousness to be expressed and manifested on the physical plane. Through the Transmitter Crystal it is possible to connect the conscious mind to universal wisdom and send or receive specific information pertaining to personal circumstance or to attain cosmic truths and insights. These crystals are excellent tools for clarifying, simplifying and refining ones ability to communicate on all levels, enhancing and integrating telepathic and intuitive abilities.


Trigonic Crystals have one or more inscribed downward pointing triangles located on a crystal's terminal face, and also on elestial facial terminations. They are said to have a very sacred energy and are powerful tools for healing purposes. They assist in healing by allowing one to see more clearly when it is a time for change, as change is needed for healing to take place. Their use is most needed during the greatest times of change in our lives. They are said to act as catalysts for self healing by facilitating the necessary changes. They are said to carry a transformational type of energy. They can be found on all members of the Quartz family. They are said to be most effective when found on Amethyst, as they combine the healing, protective, and purifying energies of Amethyst in addition to the energies and properties of the Trigonic carvings. They are occasionally found on Calcite and a few other minerals.


Twin Flame Crystals can be recognized as two crystals of similar but not equal length and size either joined at the side or joined in a V shape at their base. These crystals serve as mirrors for how one appears on an inner level to the outside world. Meditating and focusing with a Twin Flame will attract kindred souls whose spiritual evolvement is compatible. These crystals are wonderful for increasing synchronicities in ones spiritual life and boosting ones psychic affinity with others. They are also excellent tools for melding group consciousness during group meditation. Also see Twin Quartz Crystals (All).


Twin Quartz Crystals (All) come in a variety of formation types. In addition to the properties listed for each individual type of twin formation, they all share some similar properties. They are said to facilitate the building of relationships on all levels, acting to encourage encounters with ones soul mate present during this lifetime. They help one to create a balance such that the outer manifestation and the inner being are not in opposition and are manifested as movements of the same energy flow. They are also said to be useful for melding the consciousness of groups and for promoting universal love.


Window Crystals are recognized by the presence of a large 4 sided diamond shaped "window" located in front of the crystal. The diamond shape represents the balance between, and the synthesis of the spiritual and physical realms. In meditation, this powerful teaching crystal can open windows through which one can see beyond the illusions of physicality into the radiance of ones Higher Self. The Window Crystal allows light to freely reflect within the deeper regions of the human consciousness, allowing for insights that mirror the shadows of fear and insecurity inhibiting an individual’s growth and the soul's expression of light.


The Twelve Master Crystals:


Dow Crystals

Tantric Twins Crystals

Isis Crystals

Cathedral Lightbrairy Crystals

Devic Temple Crystals

Time Link Crystals

Channeler Crystals

Transmitter Crystals

Window Crystals

Elestial Crystals

Laser Wand Crystals

Earth Keepers


   The Master Crystals exist in a state of perfected form, manifesting alignment with the source of light. Each one demonstrates specific principles and opens the doorways through which entrance into the world of integrated spirit and earth can be experienced. They are messengers from the heavens and teachers of divine law. Some may strip away the darkness of egocentric attitudes and identifications, while others serve to open conscious communication into the realms of higher self. They should be used with absolute respect and purity of intention. They are our guides, teachers, and friends.


Crystals & Minerals Which Never Need Cleansing:




Citrine/Smokey Quartz Combination


Green Obsidian With Perlite

Halite (Electrified Translucent Massive)


Metamorphosis Quartz

Ouro Verde Quartz


Super Seven/Melody’s Stone

Tektite (Guangdong)

Tektite (Philippine)




**Please note that the properties listed above have been channeled and assigned to the different crystal formations by crystal mystics and healers. They should never be substituted for the treatment of physical, mental, or emotional disorders requiring the need of professional medical, psychological, or psychiatric care. Please, always consult with a medical or psychological/psychiatric professional prior to attempting to heal oneself.  



*The minerals and formations shown at the top of the page are (L to R): A Double Terminated Herkimer Diamond Quartz crystal (Herkimer County, NY, USA), a Cathedral Lightbrairy Smoky Quartz crystal (Malawi, Africa), a Cross Shaped Smoky Quartz crystal (Minas Gerais, Brazil), & a Rose Colored Nirvana Quartz/Himalayan Ice Quartz crystal with Record Keepers & Trigonic Carvings (Himalaya Mountains, India).



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