Book Recommendations




Gemstones, Minerals, and Crystals (Scientific)


"Gems and Jewelry" by Joel Arem

"Gemstones of the World" by Walter Schumann

"The Encyclopedia of Gemstones and Minerals" by Martin Holden

"Gems and Crystals: From the American Museum of Natural History" (Rocks, Minerals and Gemstones) by Anna S. Sofianides and George E. Harlow

"Jewelry and Gems: The Buying Guide " by Antoinette Matlins

"Magic World: Inclusions in Quartz" by Jaroslav Hyrsl and Gerhard Niedermayer (English & German)

"Rainbow Minerals of Franklin Sterling Hill, New Jersey " by Robert W. Jones

"Ultraviolet Light and Fluorescent Minerals: Understanding, Collecting and Displaying Fluorescent Minerals" (Rocks, Minerals and Gemstones) by Thomas S. Warren, Sterling Gleason, Richard C. Bostwick, Earl R. Verbeek





New Age (Metaphysical and Healing)


"Love is in the Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals - The Reference Book Describing the Metaphysical Properties of the Mineral Kingdom" by Melody

"Love Is in the Earth - Mineralogical Pictorial: Treasures of the Earth" by Melody

"Love Is in the Earth: Kaleidoscopic Pictorial Supplement A" by Melody

"Love Is in the Earth: Kaleidoscopic Pictorial Supplement Z" by Melody

"Crystal Enlightenment: The Transforming Properties of Crystals and Healing Stones" by Katrina Raphaell

"Crystal Healing, Vol 2" by Katrina Raphaell

"Crystalline Transmission: A Synthesis of Light (Crystalline Transmission - A Synthesis of Light)" by Katrina Raphaell

"The Book of Sacred Stones" by Barbara G. Walker

"Crystal Power, Crystal Healing: The Complete Handbook" by Michael Gienger




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